Hiring an Emily in Paris

So after some deliberation, I decided to post an ad on Craig's List with the subject heading "Streetwear Brand Looking for an Emily in Paris". Recently I watched the show and was reminded of my passion for advertising which resulted in a job at Ogilvy & Mather Shanghai after Oxford. There was basically zero chance for someone with no advertising experience to get a job in such a renowned agency but I got lucky. My crazy idea of faking an internal hire checklist and leaving the last "HIRED" box unchecked actually led to five interviews and eventually landed me the Engagement Planner / Digital Strategist position where I worked on Chanel, UPS, British Petroleum, and a few other global brands.

These past few weeks I've been quite burnt out working on some new ideas and I desperately needed to refresh my energy with new creative minds. I didn't know what to expect from CL but there was definitely a range of applicants from people who ran successful IG accounts to people who had never even seen the show EiP. Seriously, why the fuck would you apply if you have never seen the show? You're just wasting everyone's time.

Now I try not to be an ass with stupid applicants. Taking a more mature approach, I actually try to reply back to everyone giving them some form of encouragement or enlightenment to help them see that they need to demonstrate something more impressive from their portfolio of work in order to meet the needs of today's competitive environment. Just posting on social for a brand or putting clothes on famous people isn't an impressive resume, or at least it's not to me. Emily is far more creative in her approaches to branding and she's also quick on her feet. I wish more people understood how to jump off the paper (21 is one of my favorite movies) and make a first and lasting impression.

It's actually fine if you have never worked in an advertising agency or been part of a global campaign. You probably have a camera phone, go and create something creative. A photo with a caption or short 15-second video is far more impressive than a resume.