Addicted to Mona Lisa

Part of being a designer is you have to study what other brands are doing. Not only do I constantly browse online stores and apparel ads that show up on my IG feed, but I also ask myself what were the designers's intentions in creating this graphic?

Personally, I try to take a deeper approach and create graphics that are relevant to society's current issues. I am not so much concerned with fit as other brands because I feel that element of pattern making is far too subjective, furthermore, my aim is to inspire conversation with visuals and to elevate people's consciousness. So when I look at OFF WHITE's designs (the right image), I am honestly disappointed. For a brand with that much modern appeal, I wish the graphics made me think a little more than just go "oh, another mona lisa face".

Sometimes I'll spend months, even a year to get a graphic to my liking. I'll make a physical sample and not look at it again for weeks or months, then when I do I ask myself if I still get a tingle from what I see. If I do, then the design moves on to the next stage. Rarely does an initial concept go straight to print.

I'm very particular. I demand the highest quality and best designs from myself, which is why I'm also extremely critical of what other brands are releasing. As long as I feel I got something better, we'll continue to share our vision with the world.