Hiring Web Designers

Hiring a web designer is one of the most challenging experiences you will face as a start up. There are several components to web design, the user interface which is what your customers will see and the back end code which is the computer language that produces the visual you see on your device.

I had an idea for a new platform that I wanted to create and I went back to www.upwork.com to look for a wordpress developer. I found multiple people who quoted me under 20 hours for the job and another developer who quoted 50+. I opted for the faster developer who had a 100% success rate but when he delivered the actual product, it looked way off from my wireframes. Now as a designer, I have a very good sense when even 1 pixel is off, but this guy's work was terrible. It looked like elementary and when I called out all the issues, the guy cancelled the contract so I couldn't leave negative feedback.

Now I haven't used Upwork in a long time but this is definitely a huge loophole. If developers can cancel contracts (sure, they don't get paid) then project starters like myself can never leave feedback and let others in the community know to not waste time on that developer. I'm big on integrity and I fucking hate sleezeballs. So now I have to look for a new developer, my idea is slowed, and time is money.

As I'm reaching out to other developers I've also started to search for professional UI designers on Behance. This is a very good site for top notch designers who aren't just monkeys with a keyboard. There is some serious talent on there and I highly recommend anyone looking for a fresh look for their website to use Behance.