How To Facebook Spend

So someone from this company Omneky reached out (one of their slides attached) and being the nice guy that I am I actually considered giving them a shot. To be frank, I have no idea if our Facebook / Instagram ads are optimized but when you pitch me an AI technology that can save me money I'm interested. What's sad though is in these solicitations, salespersons never go above and beyond. They just send you a deck like I'm a stupid monkey who is supposed to be impressed with case studies and automatically give them a credit card #.

In reality, I don't think anyone should ever understand the product and your market better than you do. Sure, AI might be able to pick up a few keywords that result in higher engagement but how do you know what the sample audience is? Companies can always skew shit in their favor to make stats seem compelling for you to sign up.

I think I have a pretty good idea of what works in IG ads considering a $0.11 per website visit on a recent ad. I mentioned this to the solicitor and gave her more information about our THOUGHTFULL socks even though she found me from a Beverly Pills ad, but she never replied back to my email. Like come on, don't fucking waste my time. Your company is complete shit to me now. If you can't do better than $0.11 a visit or are too busy at least show some respect and reply back. But as we know, PEOPLE SUCK.

We are all fucking BUSY.