I Wanted Parra

I've been wanting Parra art for the longest time, years... maybe 5. An email finally came in two weeks ago and the prospects of owning a Parra got me excited. I saw the email early, been waking up around 4am recently so I replied right away with interests for this work titled "Overtrained". I asked for the price and was sent another email directing me to another link with pricing information. I think this piece was around $16,000 and the rep asked me to reply back asap with a backup choice and I did, ASAP.

12 hours went by and I didn't hear back. In my email I had asked for confirmation that the works in the series titled "I'M JUST HAPPY WE GOT A CAT" were 1 of 1s. I've learned in this day and age take nothing for granted (especially because this was my first time dealing with this particular gallery), ask every fucking question you want to avoid confusion and to eliminate any possibility of regret. Later in the evening around 9pm I sent an annoyed email to the rep saying "Dude, wtf would you ask me to reply asap and you can't respond?"

At that point in time I already didn't care about owning a piece anymore. Art is supposed to elicit a profound feeling, a special memory marking life's milestones and if I ended up owning that piece I'd just get annoyed thinking about how shitty this rep's communication was. He eventually got back to me the next day and gave me some bullshit excuse like my Twitter account was suspended and Linkedin profile had been removed - why couldn't he just email me to clarify? Why did he just assume he had the most current information?

What a fucking moron...

My Linkedin acount is www.linkedin.com/in/beverlypills - it works fine and I cancelled my old "rebelscholar" Twitter account. It wouldn't have taken more than 10 seconds for the rep to ask for clarification. I would hate to have a rep like this, but it just shows that not everyone delivers excellence in their jobs. Not everyone shows empathy and thinks about treating others how they would want to be treated. People are lazy and comfortable, definitely not the traits I would ever want on my team.

So as it stands, I don't own a Parra piece and I may never do so after this adverse experience. It's actually a liberating decision to minimize my attachment to art from someone I have never met - this reminds me, didn't we print GIVE ME YOUR TIME AND MONEY... I appreciate Parra's talent though, his clothes are pretty much the only other brand I wear besides Beverly Pills.