Insults Get Results

I can't tell you how many times I've had to cuss people out in emails to get results. Today I finally got a response from a person at the Toy Foundation, whom I initially emailed on September 25, then again on October 26th, both of which were ignored. My email was directed to this individual to learn more about the toy giving aspect as I genuinely wanted to help in the cause to bring more smiles to kids with toys. But today, I no longer cared to work with this foundation as I felt anyone who can neglect an email for that long must be either incompetent or not care about the philanthropy.

I like to speak my mind nowadays. I feel it's healthy for me to do so as restraining myself in the past has definitely led to serious deterioration in mental health. Today at 7:16am, I sent the foundation contact a simple email that said "You guys are lame." because I wanted to keep it real. I didn't expect a response nor did I care for one, but at 8:33am this individual finally responded with the below message:

"Thanks for reaching out.  Do you have a direct number?  Let’s try and set up a call next week when I return to the office.

Please let me know if there is a date/time that works best."

So fake. I don't fuck with fake people. I understand covid has slowed things down but taking 30 days to respond to an email is unacceptable. Sorry kids, at this time we won't be able to work with this organization. I have zero confidence in its ability to deliver on its purpose but I will diligently look for other foundations to work with.