As part of my homework I regularly look up trademarks from other brands. I do this out of curiosity to know if there are any conflicting trademarks because it truly is difficult to come up with an original name that will have zero opposition in the trademarking process.

Of course we all know Marshawn Lynch, and I've been following his line BEASTMODE for several years now. Looks like he recently signed on with Fanatics to run his merch but there could be problems with his trademark registration. If you look below, this is the first instance of BEASTMODE in a live registration, I AM BEASTMODE is also registered in Class 25, same as Marshawn's registration. Now if this was me, my lawyers would never have advised that I move forward with a name that has a prior instance in the same class of products. 

Of course, if you're a big athlete and you want to spend the big paychecks fighting the case with expensive lawyers, you might end up winning in a settlement, but Marshawn's going to be fighting more than one battle as another individual filed in Class 3 for after-shave lotions (below), and this one was actually approved. The registration date was September 19th, 2017, so this one is official unlike the previous I AM BEASTMODE mark which is still pending.

This legal stuff is very interesting to me, especially because a trademark is something you can own forever and pass down to your kids unlike a utility patent which expires in 20 years. I've filed more than 10 trademarks in my career and at TMT we filed for HARDWORK & DEDICATION, MONEY POWER RESPECT, TBE, TBE 50, TMT 50, and probably a couple other ones I can't recall right now. We did so as more of a preemptive move in case someone else filed a trademark and wanted to prevent us from using these slogans in our products. As we all know, people with money are targets and a lot of success rides on playing defense.