Launching Thoughtfull Socks

To follow up on the Virgil post, it's worth mentioning that launching our new sock brand Thoughtfull took approximately 2 years. I've ran through multiple names, filed several trademarks, bought lots of domains, and eventually landed on But of course, this could change, but highly unlikely as I feel good about this one.

I feel most people nowadays growing up with social media should have a good idea of the visuals they would want to present to the consumer. For me, I actually had no idea, so I found someone random on IG through a #streetwear search and asked if she could help me with some photos. I liked the way her profile pics were and she had an understanding of style so I entrusted the brand visuals to her. I'm not sure there is a right or wrong answer here, it's really whatever you want to convey to your demographic. Realistically, who really knows who their first 100, 1000, or 10,000 shoppers are?

So as we build a new brand in the competitive sock industry, Thoughtfull's value proposition is that we are the best in terms of quality, designs, and price; I think it's extremely important to identify what makes your brand special compared to your competitors, or else you're just another ripple in the ocean. I also have a direct relationship with the manufacturer, so there is no middleman jacking up prices. Finding a trusted vendor is probably the most difficult part of any business because there are all sorts of games the factory can play to cheapify your products and gouge you on pricing. Experience is essential in this process and I would recommend finding a mentor to assist you from day one.