New IG Ad

It has been several months since I posted this image on IG and I just realized we never ran an ad. I remember trying to do so for weeks but apparently our IG account was banned from promo. I have no idea which policy (or policies) we violated and I did go through Facebook's advertising material but there was nothing obvious to me on why we were out of line. I suspect maybe this design or some other captions bordered on political dissent, which might be concerning given the times, but I definitely felt like my freedom of speech was restricted. 

People have a tendency to give too much attention to trivial matters and not enough attention to important ones. Eventually our account ban was lifted, Facebook even admitted the restrictions were a "mistake", but I never promoted this post because I was still somewhat hesitant that the content might trigger another AI red flag (if this happens our entire ad account gets restricted). But this morning I said fuck it. It's time to pop up on some feeds and speak the truth - FREEDOM IS AN ILLUSION.

*edit at 8:43am, apparently this post already got denied, and we aren't using profanity, implied nudity, or insulting language. These bots running IG obviously need a software update.