The Future of Fashion

Every day I sit and ponder the future of fashion. TikTok has created a new platform for creators to showcase fashion, but will the short home-made videos with random music displace high quality videos on YouTube and professional photos on Instagram? Will influencers eventually comprise the majority of apparel sales instead of a brand's own website and retail presence?

If I had to place a bet, I would say no. The argument is this - how many new brands do you own in your closet compared to 5 years ago? Technology has made printing and selling so easy, giving birth to numerous streetwear brands, but are they convincing you to spend money? 

Sure, I understand the analogy isn't perfect, you could love 1 influencer and that person could introduce 100 brands to you in a year, but then I would argue at that point in time you would be feeling a bit of brand-overload and the original appeal of the "influencer" would diminish. From what I've observed on TikTok, users might have a video with 200k views but it was just a one-off, almost a right place right time kind of thing, but then subsequent uploads on fashion don't get that type of engagement. It makes sense to me. If it were that easy to be a fashion authority or to create a brand then we'd all be out of business.

I have to continue to believe in excellence as the guiding star to success. Being the best at what you do will eventually capture and deliver an audience for your products and services. And no one can be the best at "paying influencers", that's not financially sustainable nor is it "cool" to have everyone who #fashion or #streetwear to promote your brand. It's definitely a fine line finding that balance between the amount of exposure and the right exposure. Good luck to us all.