Why I Went to Oxford

When you're growing up you kind of just do things because you want to. There's not much logic or reasoning to the decision-making process, but as we get older and accumulate work experience we start to question the inner workings of the complex world we live in. I understood manufacturing from my 10,000 hours in China's factories but I was oblivious to the way finance ruled the world.

I did the MBA Program at the University of Oxford (SBS) in 2010 and it was the best decision of my life. Sure, the academics was a clear value-add to my resume, but off the paper the friendships that I formed with my fellow classmates and the appreciation of "culture" from a diverse body of intelligent individuals have transformed my views on life and purpose. I know school isn't for everyone, but I highly recommend an MBA from a top University because it is unlikely that you will ever be surrounded by so many over achievers in the same building ever again. One of my classmates was recently mentioned in the news for achieving Unicorn status in Mexico with his company KAVAK - it's a pretty BIG fucking deal. It's Mexico's first tech Unicorn and the CEO graduated from the same business school that I did. Of course, there are numerous successful ventures and individuals from my other cohorts that year but the car company is just one of the more recent distinctions. 

Life is similar to business - we must constantly innovate to survive. Stale companies who aren't forward thinking become a classic case of Kodak. In big business you have billions of dollars poured into R&D every year, in life we must innovate by acquiring knowledge. This can be achieved through reading or talking to experts in an industry and growing your network. Obviously, we're not all able to jumpstart business in another industry just because we know someone, but the constant gathering of information and openness to learn are the driving factors of personal research and development. Quite frankly, I've performed poorly in this department. Ever since TMT I've been quite the recluse but the tide has started to shift. It all starts with the conscious decision to change, and I understand what needs to be done. Game time.