YouTube Ruined You

A YouTuber named UDY popped up in my feed today and I watched part of this episode as I make it a point to study the types of content various YouTubers are putting out. It helps me stay current with trends and it's also homework to see if we can find any suitable brand ambassadors and content creators for our brands. But this one video got a little out of hand. I was driving (yes I know, not safe) and playing it in the background and realized that this wasn't a skit. The guy and girl started to get violent and I was kind of shocked at how the other people in the room just stood around and did nothing. I think it's extremely fucked up this YouTuber UDY would produce content like this and not step in as it is clearly wrong for the guy to hold onto the girl's phone.

I don't care about this girl's character, but holding onto her phone and making her feel like a hostage in a house full of guys is FUCKED up. With all of the sex trafficking comments, UDY and his crew need to be more responsible in their productions and content. YouTube has seriously fucked up a lot of people to the point where content creators have lost sight of what's right and wrong all in the name of views. Man, I wish this guy's account would get banned. Nothing good for society.

Reputation is eternal. What this kid is doing for views will haunt him forever.