• VERY ILL Times

    I had no idea what I wanted to write today. I just started going through photos and then came across this one and felt inclined to talk a little bit about how Coronavirus has impacted my life.
  • Touchdown in Aspen

    Can't believe it's been almost a month since I've updated the blog... of course we all know the world is going through a crazy time right now with...
  • The ADDICTED Story

    The ADDICTED design is one of my favorites in the collection because it was quite literally a metamorphosis from the initial concept proposed by the designer to the end product.
  • Please Don't Touch

    My friend texted me one day in a panic when some random guy at the supermarket grabbed her ass while she was with her two daughters. That shit made me sick.
  • KB 8 24

    Been a minute since I've last posted. We've all been going through emotions after Kobe's passing. 
  • Jenga for Charity Episode 3 feat. The Williams Fam

    One of the slides I prepared for the Williams Fam in episode 3 was "How can you make the world a better place?" This is a question I ponder every day myself
  • Year of the Rat

    Vegas is always therapy for me. I've toned down the gambling nowadays so it's more about entertainment than a battle royale with the dealers. 
  • Selfridges

    Selfridges is where I do my streetwear homework when I'm in London. 
  • Fashion Must Have Purpose

    I've been working with one of my suppliers on obtaining environmentally friendly packaging. Everything I do I try to minimize the carbon footprint. 
  • Starving at 3:27am

    I just got back from Europe and I should've forced myself to stay awake last night, but instead I "took a nap" at 4pm and woke up at 1am...
  • Four Seasons Paris

    You can find me at the hotel with the nicest pool from now on. I have no idea how I hurt my right shoulder but I can't do any more lifting, so until the Gods heal me I will have to work on my Aquaman.
  • Give Me Your Time and Money

    Two years later I returned to the Louvre to revisit the most famous painting in the world. This time around though there were Mona Lisa guide posts facilitating visitors towards the most coveted destination in the museum.