A Trip to Athens

Traveling is essential to understanding the complex world around us. As a designer I make it a point to travel internationally every three months to revisit destinations and to discover new coordinates. I feed off the energy of both ancient and modern structures and romanticize a story that I take away for eternity, and sometimes a memory will work its way into a design.

As evident in our designs, I am enamored with classic art and mythology. The Greek Gods have always been a powerful story in our Youth and this August I visited Athens for the first time. I journeyed to the top of the Acropolis early in the morning and when you first see the Parthenon you become filled with an indescribable amount of admiration, but then the mind turns sharply and is saddened by the self destruction of mankind, leaving one with the notion that nothing lasts forever; this theme of "nothing lasts forever" will be explored in future collections.