by CHLOE in London

Veganism is no longer a novelty. What once upon a time was a foreign word has evolved into a documentary produced by the Terminator. I haven't gone full vegan but I am aware of the health benefits and I make it a priority to try all innovative plant-based foods wherever I travel.

By CHLOE is a cool little place I came across in New York that had the best-designed "everything" I've ever seen in a restaurant; even the website is cool af. On my recent visit to London I stopped by their location on Langham Pl and being a design geek I gawked at the illustrations of the Buckingham Palace Guards on the front cover of the menu. Now getting a hard on for a couple lines on a piece of paper might seem strange to some people, but design is LIFE for me. When I show up to eat, I dissect everything from the flooring to the font used on the menu; it's an addiction and I can't help it.

I ordered the Royal Roast, which comes with a big chunk of sea salt celery root, glazed carrots, green beans, thyme potatoes, yorkshire pudding, and rosemary gravy. I didn't try any sweets in the London location but the chocolate chip cookie I had in New York was the best ever... still amazes me how good vegan replicas of traditional food items can taste.