Give Me Your Time and Money

Two years later I returned to the Louvre to revisit the most famous painting in the world. This time around though there were Mona Lisa guide posts facilitating visitors towards the most coveted destination in the museum. After walking through familiar halls and passing by paintings large enough to park a Tesla on I walked into the home of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece. Who knows if the painting on the wall is actually real, but at 10am there were already two lines forming on the left and right sides monitored by museum personnel to ensure that no one person takes an unreasonable amount of time snapping selfies. I took this photo of the icon as I was waiting for the people in front of me to move and a few seconds later someone was already yelling at me to move along. I barely got three seconds in the front row view of Mona so I didn't get to appreciate her at all this trip. I wasn't happy. I want a refund on my time.

Painting by Lorenzo LOTTO.