Our First Photoshoot

I wanted to do a professional shoot for our new collection of five long sleeve tees but at the same time I also feel pretty looking photos are overrated. I'd rather do something artsy where a model is eating a banana in front of a Warhol painting and I shoot the subject with my iPhone, but because I was short on time and curious what my creative team could produce I signed off on a shoot at The Broad museum in Los Angeles.

To be frank, I've always looked at my creations as art rather than apparel. Cotton is just a medium with which to convey my artistic philosophies, but the core of every design is that it must communicate an insight into life or business. The output of multiple layers of screen printing has to stimulate the mind more than a logo tee, forging a stronger connection with the potential buyer of Beverly Pills than any other brand.

Even after seeing numerous professional photos of celebrities like Mayweather wearing my TMT designs in the ring, I was blown away by the shots captured in our first photoshoot by Bradan Toigo. In any industry you have to spot talent and once you do there's a delicate balance between commanding your vision and letting the talent do what he's good at. This first collaboration just so happened to be a successful one and this Benjamin track suit featured is currently in production.