Sailing Into Peace

As 2019 comes to a close it's important to reflect and understand the mistakes I've made this year. Sometimes we get so busy with work and life that we become careless; several months ago I might have forgotten to lock my trunk in LA and both my backpack and duffel were stolen. The thief came up big with my laptop, iPad, credit cards, $40,000 in jewelry, and a bunch of other stuff. The experience taught me to be more alert, to do less, and to minimize attachments to things.

Life is full of clutter from the minute we wake up to the second we fall asleep. The mind is the most important asset we have and it's essential we preserve it like a crown jewel. Who we let into our minds should be a highly selective screening process, much more difficult than a TSA security check point. Even simple conversations can have adverse effects because we find the other person's commentary stupid or asinine. Mental health preservation and exercise require constant awareness of our touch points in society, both online and offline.

I look at every day as a new start to improve upon the past, but 2020 will be extremely more meaningful because of our new collection and designs. It has been two years since we printed the first Beverly Pills shirt and it's humbling to see the evolution of the brand's aesthetics and our supporters around the world. We're just getting started. Here's a toast to never getting comfortable!