Selfridges is where I do my streetwear homework when I'm in London. Dover Street is a little too high fashion for me; the merchandising and vibe of Selfridges resonate with me more. On this recent visit I got to see the Highsnobiety x Colette drop. In all honesty there was no item in the collection that was a "must have" but nevertheless life is about collecting memories so I picked up a Paris drop t-shirt.

This quote from Pharrell makes you wonder why an organization that was once at the top of its game got dethroned. This is the same story that we've seen with Polaroid who owned the camera game and failed to retain its pole position in the digital transformation. Same thing with Myspace and Friendster, both of which got crushed by the Harvard dropout "Zuck". How do you have a 40 point lead going into half time and end up losing the game? Did we just witness Michael Jordan? Or did we witness an interception at the one-yard line?

I pride myself on "thinking and analyzing" more than anyone else, but I know that I still don't know it all. I can map out a blueprint to success given the current market information, but life happens and shit gets busy so it's essential to surround myself with extremely intelligent and ambitious people so they can help catch trends. Understanding why other operations like Forever 21 have failed is also helpful in crafting a NOT-TO-DO list. What seems like common sense though from the outside is difficult to spot when you're in the eye of the storm. I know this from past experiences so again, it goes back to having the right core team around you to guide hard work through all the dark crevices in business to find the illuminated path.