The ADDICTED design is one of my all-time favorites because it was quite literally a metamorphosis from the initial concept to the end product. A simple butterfly illustration was used but I thought that it was too boring and we needed to make it "trippy". I came up with the word ADDICTED as I looked at my own life and realized that I was brainwashed by luxury into thinking that I was "cool" wearing a $2000 pair of sweats when in reality Greta Thunberg will be way cooler than I'll ever be.

The design started to unfold and I changed the initial idea of using street names in Beverly Hills to cities that I've shopped luxury in. After coming up with eight different cities I designed the airport codes and added them onto the sleeves. The last detail was adding the little rectangular graphic at the bottom of the design. It's hard to tell in this color way, but if you look closely you'll see Benjamin Franklin's eye. It's symbolic for two reasons. One, it's an element of introspection on how I spend my Benjamins, and two, I never understood why the highest denomination of our currency in circulation is a man who was never President? 

In our initial collection I experimented with the theme "What is reality" and the inclusion of Benjamin's Eye is a minor adaptation of that idea which I will explore further in future collections. But yeah, I just wanted to share the history of this design because a lot of people either ask me about what the graphics mean or don't know that the $100 man's right eye was used in this design.