The Greatest Thinker of All Time

Michelangelo is known for David, Leonardo for Mona Lisa, and Rodin for The Thinker. In the world of art history, it's extremely fascinating to think that hundreds of years after these artists's death that the general pubic automatically associates their names with one or two iconic works of art. I doubt this linear logic was the case when Leonardo was sketching human organs in Milan, so what happened in history to dictate the first couple of lines in wikipedia for the old Masters?

We may never the know the truth, but I still visit as many museums and read as many art books as possible. I don't binge on Netflix shows; I'd rather immerse myself in exhibitions at the Petit Palais and plan trips around the labors of artistic geniuses from centuries ago, which is why I returned to Paris this new year. For the first time I visited the Musée Rodin and with a light drizzle decorating the Parisian setting I stood there staring at Auguste Rodin's magnum opus. In all honesty I thought the statue would be much bigger, but I think the stroke of Divine intervention for Rodin was his ability to capture human emotions so accurately with his preferred materials of bronze, marble, plaster, and clay. The museum is definitely worth visiting when you're in Paris and if you want a miniature version of The Thinker the gift shop sells a 72cm version for around 5000 euro - I'm definitely getting one of these for my studio.