Touchdown in Aspen

Can't believe it's been almost a month since I've updated the blog... of course we all know the world is going through a crazy time right now with Coronavirus. So much shit going on I've resorted to League of Legends for therapy instead of writing; add "beverlypills" if you game.

I actually removed this section from the website today then I was like, "nah, let me give it another shot". I've been bouncing between draft mode with Darius and GHOAT products that I haven't had the mindset to go through photos and figure out what I want to post. I don't like posting too far in the future but I was sipping on a green juice at Whole Foods and going through my phone and came across this image from Aspen airport. It was a surreal experience landing in the snow and walking out to this view. I'm not an expert on snow, but I can make it down the beginner's slope on a snowboard with just 1 or 2 falls... nothing impressive there. I think my skills in LOL are much more impressive after just one month of playing... haha.

We did wrap up a new photoshoot in Venice and are working on a video for our new hoodies and shorts. I guess it took me awhile to realize that the product is so unique that people can't appreciate the innovation from just photos. I've been reaching out to licensing entities and also exploring opening up a storefront on Fairfax or Melrose. More updates soon.

**** sick view from the sky