I had no idea what I wanted to write today. I just started going through photos and then came across this one and felt inclined to talk a little bit about how Coronavirus has impacted my life. For starters, I was supposed to go to Italy on March 20th for a month, but now that option is out the window. Virgin said they were willing to change my flight without a change fee but required me to use the ticket before 5/29/2020; not very practical. I have some investments in real estate which has silenced my partners and the lack of communication has really upset me. I also bought APLE for its dividend but that also took a shit as did the entire travel sector. I'm not sure what I was thinking - I should've sold a long time ago and just waited patiently on the sidelines. Something wasn't right mentally. I could feel it. I don't miss that many shots in stocks and the string of losses recently convinced me that I needed to do something drastic.

So amidst the market volatility and 1000+ point drops in the Dow I saw an opportunity to recalibrate my life. There were issues with vendors, friends, and colleagues, and I told myself that whoever wasn't meeting my expectations was going to get eliminated from my communication. People either know how to work with me at my pace or they don't get to work with me at all. I take immense pride in my work and I strongly feel that anyone who gets to work on Beverly Pills is fortunate.

Mother Nature delivered a knockout blow this time and it appears that the worst is yet to come. Sometimes I'm too nice of a person and I forgive people but during times like this "vigilance" is the only recipe as we are all trying to survive and maintain some notion of happiness.