Year of the Rat

Vegas is always therapy for me. I've toned down the gambling nowadays so it's more about entertainment than a battle royale with the dealers. I came out to see Chris Tucker do his stand-up and even though I was tired af I still got a couple good laughs in. His trademark high-pitched delivery and Michael Jackson performances were on the money even though the second half of the performance seemed to be slightly lower in energy and organization.

Oh yeah, I had a terrible experience with Stubhub when I bought these tickets while I was in Europe. It was the first time my tickets were not available after I made the purchase and Stubhub came back offering a discount for seats that were behind the one's I original selected - isn't that common sense? Shouldn't seats farther back cost less already? 

What they should've done was get me better seats up front and eliminate the fees. I already bought the best seats for a party of six so there were no better options other than splitting us up. Sometimes in business you have to take an L to keep your customers happy and Stubhub clearly failed to do so. These types of experiences rub me the wrong way and it just goes to show how top management operates with a penny wise pound foolish mindset. They wanted to save a couple bucks but in the end lost me as a loyal customer.