Man, life is a crazy journey. I still remember the kids in junior high used to make fun of me for having holes in my shoes. That early childhood memory most definitely left a chip on my shoulder because eventually when I made money the first thing I did was buy a yellow Lamborghini and custom jewelry like all the rappers. I would fly my friends all over the world and ride in back-to-back Phantoms as we pulled up to tea time at the Peninsula in Hong Kong. Hollywood had transformed a simple-minded UCLA engineer into a rebel who would start out having a drinking contest in the afternoon at the Beverly Wilshire and end up at the Beverly Hills police station at 4am to bail out a friend (this story is for another day).

Shit had gotten out of control and I decided it was time to hit pause on Sunset Boulevard. I thought business school would be a good form of therapy and after getting an MBA from Oxford, I ended up partnering with Mayweather to launch The Money Team. We had a mutual friend, the one that also participated in the drinking contest, and after a quick four years Floyd had improved his record to 49-0 and we had made millions, selling over 100,000 snapbacks.

But in December of 2014, my road dog Earl Hayes had committed a murder-suicide that fucked me up mentally. My best friend was gone just like that. I never got to say goodbye. As I was boarding a flight back from Taiwan, Floyd had called me and told me the news. Tears fell from 30,000 feet in the air and ever since then life hasn’t been the same. It was later discovered that Hayes was on drugs, something he kept from me, and is part of the reason why I started Beverly Pills. Not only did I need an outlet to express these complex emotions that had been boiling for several years, but I also wanted to wear something that I could identify with on a personal level. Making mental health the epicenter of our mission is a cause that I feel extremely passionate about because I struggle with it on the daily.

Life ain’t easy. I’m still learning every day how to better handle my emotions and contribute to the well-being of this planet. Thanks for taking the time to read this and supporting our mission.