How did Beverly Pills first start?

Well, the name first came to me on a plane ride back from Asia when I was online researching ideas for Amber Rose's collection. We had partnered together in 2017 to work on a mobile app and I figured I could help her with some brand assets like I previously did with Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team, which I ran for four years from victories 44 to 49.

Working with celebrities was fun and challenging, but I had many more creative ideas I wanted to execute in fashion that didn't necessarily complement the image of the world's highest paid athlete nor that of the world's most famous retired stripper. Thus, after a five year run of selling hundreds of thousands of snapbacks and t-shirts I decided to focus my energy on a new canvas of expression. For the next 12-18 months I experimented with several production runs of basic logo designs and corporate spoofs, but I didn't fully resonate with the output. Spiritually, I was a confused soul searching for answers to life and my aimless state was evident in the incongruous lines and colors of Beverly Pill's graphics. There was no pride wearing my own shirts so I shut down operations and shifted my energy back to stocks and real estate.

In the final days of summer in 2019 the itch to create returned. By this time my interest in Louis Vuitton soft trunks and thousand-dollar sneakers had diminished. I had also stopped going on Supreme's website at 8am for weekly drops and started giving away my wardrobe. There was no brand from streetwear to luxury that I felt connected to; I was over the hype of limited items and overpriced hoodies. It was time to revisit some of the old designs on my hard drive.

Mona Lisa and Salvador Mundi were ideas I had toyed with but they were nothing more than unfinished designs floating on their own islands. What was lacking in my photoshop and illustrator files was a unifying theme. Up until that point I had always been a spontaneous designer, putting concepts down as they popped out of thin air, but this time around I knew I needed something much more compelling. In addition to releasing a cohesive body of work, I needed an aesthetic that I had never seen on Rue Saint-Honoré and at the same time I needed to incorporate the evolution of my mind's awareness.

On October 26th, 2019, everything came together for a collection of long sleeve designs from the main front graphic to the right sleeve detail to the lower back description. I had artistically drawn upon my passions for travel and art and compacted the myriad experiences into five observations of humanity, each adorned with a 12x15" gold frame. After two years, Beverly Pills had finally landed its creative jet on a unique runway with designs that would be recognized as proprietary in any boutique around the world. Now I take immense pride in putting on one of my own products and this was the first step to selling a vision - I had to believe in it first myself.

**written at the Shangri-la in Paris on January 4, 2020, while having afternoon tea at La Bauhinia